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Support Inc. Client Featured in Local Art Show!

Café Show by Local Artist and Support, Inc. client- Maria

Maria has many talents. She is an athlete, baker, dancer, skilled with animals and very charismatic. She is also a prolific painter, using art therapy as one way to calm her busy mind. While flamingos in funny situations are a common theme, she also paints other marine life, horses, flowers, holiday settings and landscapes.

During the month of October, Maria was the featured artist at the French Press Café in her neighborhood on Iliff near Buckley. If you have not been there, they have the regular coffee and tea-related faire, as well as an incredible kitchen. (Their chilaquiles are THE BOMB!) Maria’s paintings covered an entire wall, which is really saying something in the small space the café holds. She wrote her own bio, which had a lovely photo of her with a horse attached and even sold two paintings!

Maria’s accomplishments are a source of pride for herself, her family and our community. Here’s to the next show where we have our eye on a certain flamingo wearing a pool floaty and carrying a cocktail. Congratulations to Maria on this amazing accomplishment!