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CJ Rocks Out to Guns N’ Roses!

Forget Moves Like Jagger, You Want Moves Like CJ!

Support Inc. Residential Coordinator, Jennifer, went to see individual in services, CJ, in October just like any regular, monthly Home Visit, but he was not just any regular old CJ. He was so excited for the next day that he could not stop grinning. Jennifer has seen CJ many times when he is looking forward to something like a trip to see his family, a dinner at Olive Garden with his girlfriend or even a day at Elitch Gardens, but this was the happiest, most excited she had ever seen him. The next night he was going to see Guns N’ Roses in concert at Ball Arena with his buddy from church. He told his Host Home Provider that he might not come home until after 1:30 in the morning because he would be too busy rockin’. They talked about his favorite song, “Welcome to the Jungle” and there was no convincing him that “Sweet Child of Mine” was better. The next afternoon, Jennifer called CJ to see how the concert went. It was obvious even over the phone that he was still smiling from ear to ear. While he didn’t stay out until the wee hours, he still had an amazing time and said he definitely “rocked out”. When she asked him if he did the famous side to side sway move of lead singer Axel Rose, CJ scoffed and said, “No, I’ve got way better moves than that.” With as happy as he was, that must be true.