JD Attends Monster Jam!

Seldom do you see this young man without a smile, JD is one of the most joyful people you will ever meet. He is a curious, bright, sweet, and polite guy to everyone he meets. He works hard at his job and is the most proud, enthusiastic janitorial expert ever. He looks forward to sharing bits about his day at work with anyone who will listen. When the opportunity came along to add some extra excitement to his life, there was some mild hesitation as he is very rarely without his host home provider. They are the best bonded pair, but JD got to have a dream from TV come true, with a trip to see the monster trucks at Monster Jam. This was his first experience at a large venue and his first time taking in a show with this level of excitement and let’s face it… noise. He loved every second of it all!! The car trip to Colorado Springs, the pizza and souvenir cup, meeting the drivers, seeing the trucks up close, the noise from the fans, and then seeing the stunts and the times when trucks flipped over were some of the highlights of the day. His delight continued when the day wrapped up with a blended coffee drink topped with whipped cream. There is something amazing and so special about seeing someone experience new, thrilling events in life when they work so hard and are so deserving of great experiences like this. JD has overcome so many obstacles in his life with support from the ones who care most about him, he gets to shine and it’s the sweetest thing. Congratulations, JD, and thank you to the Pueblo Community Resources team for making this dream possible!