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ADP Voluntary Demographics Updates

Hello Support, Inc. Family,

As your employer, we’re committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive company. Any information you provide here helps us ensure we’re recruiting, investing, and growing to meet the needs of our associates.

If you choose to voluntarily share this information, it will be kept confidential and maintained in accordance with all applicable laws. Designated administrators can view company totals, but no one can view individual responses. This information won’t be used to make employment decisions.

To make changes first click Myself and the pencil button

On the right you can select changes to accurately identify.

The page will pop out below and you can select the appropriate identification for you. If what you feel comfortable with identifying as isn’t available please reach out to @AD and we can make those changes with ADP.

Stayed tuned for more ADP changes and updates coming soon! Your Relias user ID will be changing in the coming weeks as we integrate ADP (our HR management platform) with Relias. Be sure to keep an eye out for emails from the Human Resources Department for updates on timing and how to get your new user ID. And please do not hesitate to reach out to your coordinator with any further questions.