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The Family Caregiver Program


Aurora, COLO. – October 2023 – Family Caregiver, Dena Lucero cares for her daughter, Tatum, with assistance from Support, Inc., a leading provider of support services for individuals with developmental disabilities. As a part of Support, Inc.’s Family Caregiver Program, the Lucero family receives comprehensive support and financial compensation. The program is designed to recognize and empower family members as caregivers for their loved ones.

The Family Caregiver Program under the Family Caregiver Act acknowledges the dedication and sacrifice made by family caregivers who have been providing care without financial compensation or formal supports. In recognition of their essential contribution, Support, Inc. offers caregivers the opportunity to receive financial compensation and access to formal supports through the program.

“From my first contact with Support, Inc. it has been an amazing experience. The team is so friendly, easy going and open,” says Lucero. “I can’t stress enough what a gift Support Inc. has been to Tatum and our family. It has given us the ability to pay an additional caregiver of our choosing. It is such a relief to be able to provide the care that we find suitable for our daughter, while we continue to work.”

Tatum has mild intellectual disabilities. Lucero serves as Tatum’s primary family caregiver. Support, Inc. gives them access to an additional team of caregivers to provide Tatum with the help and support she needs, when she needs it – from integrated health care services and life skills development to access to community-based social activities and more.

“Support, Inc. understands the challenges and pressures that family caregivers face each day,” said Bentley Smith, CEO at Support, Inc. “We believe that caregivers should be recognized for their invaluable work and have access to the necessary support and compensation they deserve. Our Family Caregiver Program aims to alleviate the stress and burden on caregivers, ensuring they can continue to provide the highest quality care while maintaining their own well-being.”

The Family Caregiver Program offers numerous benefits to support caregivers and their loved ones, including:

Flexibility and Customized Care:

Caregivers have the maximum flexibility to create their own care plans, including the option to be compensated themselves or have a family member compensated for providing care. They can also choose to hire non-family members to provide care. Support, Inc. ensures that each plan is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of the family.

Comprehensive Support:

The program provides residential supports, respite care options, and additional resources to meet the individual needs of each family caregiver. These comprehensive supports help to alleviate the burden on caregivers and enhance the well-being of both the caregiver and their loved one.

Training and Professional Development:

Support, Inc. provides caregivers with simple and clear training options at no cost in order to improve their skills. This emphasis on training contributes to the overall quality of care provided and is also a professional development opportunity for caregivers, empowering them to learn and grow.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits:

Support, Inc. values the commitment and dedication of family caregivers and offers a competitive pay rate, and access to a comprehensive employment benefits plan. This ensures that caregivers receive fair compensation for their important work, providing financial stability and security.

24-Hour Support Line:

The program includes a 24-hour after-hours support line, ensuring that caregivers have access to assistance and guidance whenever they need it most. This round-the-clock support gives caregivers peace of mind, knowing that help is always available.

“Here at Support, Inc., we encourage family caregivers throughout Colorado, to explore our creative Family Caregiver Program and take advantage of the comprehensive support and compensation available to them” says Smith.

For more information on the Family Caregiver Program, become a paid family caregiver or inquire about eligibility, please contact Brian Slusarz at info@supportinc.com or click here to complete our contact form.

With more than 33 years of experience, the Support, Inc. team offers a wide range of residential, day and clinical services to clients across the front range of Colorado. Support, Inc. has a unique, whole-person approach that allows caregivers to develop a deep understanding of each individual’s needs. As a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA), Support, Inc. is Medicaid certified and its programs are approved by the State of Colorado. Support, Inc. is redefining the life experience for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.